A toll-free number provides a great way to provide customer service by directing them to a live voice at your business.

With a clear number in front of that number, customers can track in with ease. For example, your 800 number can direct callers to voice marketing, website, or even a live agent.

This certainly increases productivity and helps customers connect with you quickly. When you have a toll free number, you can track in easily to give out your contact information. This also helps with customer retention. How often are you calling your 800 number? How long are they talking about it? Are they getting angry when they call you? When are they finally talking to someone?

The benefits of using a Toll-Free Number

When someone calls an 800 number, they get directed to the extension they need. And all calls from the USA 800 numbers are forwarded to your personal or company toll-free number. This is ideal for businesses and small business owners. If you can’t convert an incoming call into a prospect then you know where to start. These numbers are free and easy to use. If you are already getting calls and leads every day, then it is certainly worth adding one of these to your number.

Gone are the days of companies calling your personal or company toll-free number to sell you their product or service. No longer is this the case. These numbers allow other businesses and professionals to track in with ease.

With a successful 800 number, you can increase your marketing and sales in any number of ways.

In addition to increased results in leads and calls from your self 800 number, utilizing a vanity number to brand your company is a great branding technique. When you use a vanity number, people will associate positive results with your company. This shows them that your products or services are in a highly important industry. The good thing about a vanity number is it will also tell the public your type of company or service you offer. Have you ever heard the old saying “so what if we have a fish in the water, I still don’t trust it”? Well, this is what phone numbers do to potential prospects. They create a negative first and last impression. Your main customers will remember what number to call when they call without thinking.

Is it enough for sales?

So if you are looking to increase your sales, chances are you are getting a lot of calls or leads each day. But is it enough? More leads and calls don’t mean you are thriving in business. How do you convert them to clients or customers? Many companies have tried various ideas for their customers not because they truly think marketing is about more leads and calls. Many businesses will add an 800 number, with a great and shortened vanity number, to brand themselves. My challenge to you today is to give it a try. One can’t enjoy marketing or advertising without a great online presence. After all, doing business has nothing to do with cell phones or Who’s Who, websites, and other printed materials. When customers call your 800 number, they are getting to know you, calling you, and getting the information they would have to pay for and if it is compatible with it. No big deal. How easy would that be to track all calls, attempts, and all other interactions? A vanity toll-free number is simple and easy.

If you want to learn more about a vanity number and how it helps customers connect with you, read up on more on this subject for a free consumer guide to on detail on getting a toll free number.

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