T-shirts on store shelves

The Evolution of the T-Shirt

Over the past few years, industrial change has been growing rapidly as workers, industries, and markets merge and change. New industries are created to fulfill new markets. Over the past few years, technology has been coming at a rapid pace, and new methods to accomplish work are invented.

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Customer Service manager

Customer Service Training – Understanding Your Target Market

Customer service focused personnel is at the heart of any successful business, regardless of whether you are selling a product or a service. If employees are not able to sell your company’s products and/or services meaningfully, they will not be an effective solution. These are among the reasons customer service training has become a business training tool. Here are some facts about the general population of potential customers across the United States.

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Big Factory from inside

Re-Engineered Production Methods

In North America, TIG welder production has been top-notch for more than a decade. This is one of the reasons why mergers and acquisitions of TIG welding companies occur almost yearly. Unfortunately, those companies – which are re-engineered today – often do not change their practices to fit the requirements of manufacturers who will no longer use the old techniques. What many try to do is not to have to pay for equipment upgrades.

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The Benefits of Level Five Leadership

There’s a whole new leadership order in the works. It’s called Level 5 Leadership and it applies almost to the same themes as Level 4 Leadership, but with some additional tools and strategies to make it more relevant for your needs. If you need to let each team member step up to the next level in their professional career, then you’ll want to know how the new leadership level works. It’s a little different from most people’s expectations, without having to set up the same type of silos and interlocking protocols that have long been seeds of progressing mediocrity. While these are still necessary for a solid infrastructure, you can make smooth transitions by continuing to engage all the key people, who will benefit from this new level of leadership.

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Car keys in hands

Money Marketing Tips for Car Sales Reps

With the current economy, it is becoming more of a challenge for car salespeople to understand how to successfully market. To add more value to your car dealership and increase your revenues, you must find ways to increase your number of contacts with interested customers. Even if your automobile sales presentations are against the pushy, annoying and forceful car salesperson that your marketing department currently has. There are still ways to take advantage of a more personal and more customer-centered approach that speaking to “the masses” is pushing you and your sales prospects toward. It can be as easy as asking for referrals.

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Smiling girl with balloon

How To Motivate People To Achieve Goals With Principle

In today’s workplace, it’s no longer about authority. It sounds polite, but it isn’t. The days when leaders hire, promote, and undertake this profile- lactating are long gone. Mostly that happened because they didn’t want their people stealing their thunder. At some point, everyone must take responsibility for his or her life, both what the company should do for it, and the responsibilities of his or her own life. Co-workers must now do what we do. I command, you conform.

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Handshake of two people

How to Hire Right in the 21st Century

We have heard a lot in the news about no showings for call centers. We have had employees who claim to have received “no” for many repetitive tasks, then for no reason at all, are given a different department. It happens over and over again. Why does it happen? It happens because of the wrong approach, the wrong type, and with the wrong attitude.

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Freelancer working

What Do You Know About Self-Employment

If you’re considering it, you may be wondering what self-employment involves. This is a wonderful question to ask. Self-employment can consist of anything. It’s a self-employment opportunity that you have the skills to perform well, and you’re able to buy your tools and equipment.

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